Upcoming Advanced Permaculture Design Course: Designing for Resilient Local Communities

By | January 9, 2014
In early 2014, Sandy Cruz, Barbara Mueser, and Marco Lam will pilot an advanced permaculture design course specially tailored to Colorado’s Front Range and beyond. 
Addressing global changes that affect local bioregions and communities, they envision this course as a catalyst in coalescing energy towards large-scale permaculture design and activism among the many hundreds of PDC graduates living here.  We have the tools, resources and creativity.  It’s time to step up to emerging challenges, focus our incipient group intelligence, and establish permaculture design as a guiding force for the region in anticipating and responding to local and planetary conditions.  Seize the moment!
Additional information is below:
Advanced Permaculture Course: Designing for Resilient Local Communities
The recent floods and fires in Colorado gave our local communities a real test challenge to their resilience.  How can we, as a community, become more adaptive to possible future scenarios?  How can current observations and information help us respond more elegantly to unknown challenges?  This 40-hour Advanced Permaculture Design Course will explore solutions for issues that cascade from global changes to our biosphere and to our human communities.
Focusing on community-scale design for earth care, people care and fair share, we’ll consider designs for water, food, shelter, reclamation, energy, health, spirit, community, livelihood and justice — guiding students towards resilience, interbeing and support.  Students will delve into designing for disaster — for both immediate emergencies and long-term failure of large systems — and will explore regenerative solutions for their personal lives and local communities.
Zombie Apocalypse Permaculture!  This intensive course will include community discussion, lecture, hands-on design team projects, site tours, celebration, and certification in Advanced Permaculture Design.  Readings and design team work outside of class will be required.
Instructors: Barbara Mueser, Sandy Cruz, Marco Chung-Shu Lam
and special guests Michael Brownlee, Carolyn Baker and more
Dates: Evening of Thursday, February 20th — Special Keynote Event
Weekends of February 22/23, March 22/23, April 26/27, 2014
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Prerequisite: PDC Certification
Cost: $650 if paid in full by 1/10
$700 if paid in full by 1/31
$800 after 1/31
Registration: Christina Zahn, xtinazahn at gmail dot com


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