2014 Planner from Earth Guardians available now

By | January 9, 2014

From Robin at Regenerative Lifestyles:

Regenerative Lifestyles is dedicated to helping spread awareness about awesome opportunities to help the Earth, the People and Share the Wealth!  Every month we will be offering an event, a workshop, movie, or even a Permablitz!  Looking forward to the new year full of great community building happenings!

Now available!  The first publication with Earth Guardians, a local Youth Environmental Justice organization:

2014 Educational Activity Book / Calendar / Planner: A 46 pager, and packed with ideas, facts, photos, paintings, puzzles, games, and Earth eco-tips.  This is an opportunity to learn about vocabulary words and fields of study that are offering solutions to the issues and problems we are facing as a planet.


For more information, and to order: http://earthguardians.org/activitybook.shtml


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