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Day 1 at Permaculture Voices, 3/13/14, Joel Salatin “Fields of Farmers”

Joel Salatin, farmer at Polyface Farms and cultivator of charisma, opened the conference with “Fields of Farmers”.  He discussed farming as a business and developing working models for regenerative farms.  In Joel’s words: Every place has an asset and a liability.  Every person has talents and skills to bring to the table.  Until we have… Read More »

Day 1 at Permaculture Voices, 3/13/14, Part 1

Wednesday evening The crew arrived at Pechanga Resort and Casino on Wednesday evening, to a slew of flashing lights.  They were everywhere: on stop signs, on crosswalks, and in fountains.  Directly ahead of us was a parking garage, easy to enter but hard to exit.  In fact, the whole resort was interesting to navigate; it… Read More »

The Boulder Beet is going on the road… to Permaculture Voices!

The Boulder Beet is going on a road trip this coming week, to the Permaculture Voices conference in Temecula, CA.  Check back for updates from the road and the talks at the conference.  It’s looking to be a great week! From Permaculture Voices: “We want big change.  We wanted to make an impact.  So we… Read More »

Joel Salatin and Larry Korn to speak at Sustainable Living Fair in Fort Collins

The Sustainable Living Association of Bellvue, CO is hosting the 14th annual Sustainable Living Fair on September 14-15, 2013, in Fort Collins at Legacy Park.  Keynote speakers include Joel Salatin, of Polyface Farms, and Larry Korn, Author & Educator.  Joel Salatin is passionate supporter of small farms and local food systems, and has authored several… Read More »