Local Links

Permaculture organizations in Colorado:

Colorado Permaculture Guild

Denver Permaculture Guild

Pikes Peak Permaculture

North Fork Valley Permaculture

Ark Valley Permaculture


Permaculture Design Courses in Colorado:

Rockies Edge Permaculture Design Course, Boulder

High Altitude Permaculture, Ward, Salida

Permaculture Design Course at the Lyons Farmette, Lyons

Denver Permaculture Design Course

Permaculture through the Seasons Design Course, Colorado Springs

Residential Permaculture Design Course, Woodland Park


Permaculture sites in Colorado:

63rd St. Farm, Boulder

Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute, Basalt

High Altitude Permaculture, Ward, Salida


Other local organizations and businesses:

Local Food Shift, Boulder

Regenerative Lifestyles/Denver Earthship, Boulder, Denver

Colorado Greywater, Boulder

Real Earth Design, Boulder and St. Louis, MO

Backyard Revolutions, Denver, Boulder, and Evergreen

The GrowHaus, Denver

People & Pattern: A Pattern Language of Invisible Structures, Adam Brock, Denver

Common Earth, Denver

BluErth Designs, Indian Hills: logos + websites designed and built with permaculture

Restore Colorado/Living Seed Library, Front Range

The Living Arts School, Erie

Woodbine Ecology Center, Sedalia

Southwest Seed Library, Durango

Permaculture Institute, Santa Fe, NM


Permaculture news:

Permaculture Salad, Breckenridge: Interviews, explorations and discussions on Permaculture design hosted by Joe Moore

Permaculture Activist Magazine, Bloomington, IN is now Permaculture Design Magazine, Sunnyvale, CA

The Permaculture Podcast, Dauphin, PA


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