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Upcoming Workshops: Vermicomposting, Fruit Tree Care

From The Living Arts School: Worms! Indoor Vermicomposting Have you been thinking of starting a worm farm? Does reducing and recycling your kitchen waste sound appealing?  Red wrigglers are the best recyclers in the world – converting nearly their own weight into black gold every day! Vermicomposting is apartment-friendly, does not smell (bad), and is… Read More »

Local Workshops on Backyard Chickens, Herbal Medicines, Mushroom ID, Fermentation

From The Living Arts School: Intro to Backyard Chicken Keeping Have you been thinking about keeping your own flock of chickens? Intro to Backyard Chicken Keeping will teach you how easy it is to keep your own flock of chickens-they are easier than dogs! Backyard chickens are both desirable and attainable. Chickens produce eggs, are… Read More »

Upcoming Workshops: Aquaponics, Mycology, Herbal Medicine, Building Soil, Lacto-Fermentation, Fruit Tree Grafting

The Living Arts School has a great lineup of workshops in March and April.  Check it out! From The Living Arts School: Introduction to Aquaponics, Saturday, March 8th, 1-4pm Curious about aquaponics?  Have you considered putting in a system of your own?  This workshop is for you!  Aquaponics is a food production system which combines… Read More »

Upcoming Workshops: Fruit Tree Care, Climate Battery Build, Design for Disaster, Mycology

The Living Arts School is hosting workshops in January and February on Fruit Tree Care, Climate Battery Build, Design for Disaster and Basic Mycology.  All workshops are taught by graduates of the Permaculture Through the Seasons! permaculture design course in Boulder: Wesley Swartz, Avery Ellis, Brian Scott, and Jared Urchek.  Additionally, Avery and Brian completed… Read More »

Local workshops on Humane Turkey Harvesting and Basic Mycology

The Living Arts School of Erie, CO, is offering two workshops this fall with local permaculture designers Amanda Scott and Jared Urchek.  Both classes will take place at 63rd St. Farm on Saturday, November 23, 2013. Amanda Scott, of 63rd St. Farm, is a graduate of the Permaculture through the Seasons! permaculture design course.  She… Read More »