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Day 1 at Permaculture Voices, 3/13/14, Larry Santoyo “Urban Urgency”

Larry Santoyo, “Permaculture for Humanity: Moderating the Urgency of Urbanism” Larry Santoyo, a permaculture teacher and designer from LA, brought images of his design work from urban locations around the world.  He discussed how when he first learned permaculture, he thought he wanted to move from the city to the wilderness to start from the… Read More »

The Boulder Beet is going on the road… to Permaculture Voices!

The Boulder Beet is going on a road trip this coming week, to the Permaculture Voices conference in Temecula, CA.  Check back for updates from the road and the talks at the conference.  It’s looking to be a great week! From Permaculture Voices: “We want big change.  We wanted to make an impact.  So we… Read More »