Permaculture through the Seasons! 2013 Wrap-up

By | November 12, 2013

The 2013 Permaculture through the Seasons! course held its final weekend this past weekend in Boulder.  Students in four design teams presented their design projects for sites around Boulder County, including the Transition site in Boulder, a residence in Niwot, and 63rd St. Farm.  The presentations represented a huge amount of work, including a vision and mission for the site, client interviews, site observations and research (before and after September flooding), base map, zone and sector analyses, needs and yields analyses, patterns, and finally, designs and proposed implementation and budget.  Clients were pleased and excited by the results.  Students demonstrated great ability and comprehension of the permaculture design process, with teams presenting in several formats, including hand drawn maps, 3-D models, digital and printed photography, and accompanying written reports.  Presentations were evaluated by Lynne duGuay, Barbara Mueser, and Sandy Cruz.

Congratulations to all participants on completion of the 2013 course!

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