Intro. to Natural Building & Rocket Mass Heater Workshop, Dec. 14 & 15, 2013

By | November 29, 2013

From Regenerative Lifestyles:

Next month we will be offering an awesome and timely hands on Rocket Mass Heater building experience! The Rocket Mass heater utilizes bricks, urbanite, a 55-gallon drum, 4-inch metal piping (up to 30 feet), fire-resistant insulation.  The earthen bench is made of cob, (sand, clay and straw) where the heat is ventilated through and stored. It is clean burning and uses approximately 2/3 cord of wood versus 4 cords of wood 😉
This is appropriate technology, anyone can do it! Too much fracking for natural gas, this heating method is very Earth friendly, simple, efficient and beautiful!
Pass it on…
Erie, CO, at Ruckus Ranch.  Call 808-446-2628 or visit: for details and registration.

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