Water Forum, Sat., 6/7, 9am-5pm, Boulder

By | May 27, 2014
Water: Rights & Nature, Exploring Water Use and Ecosystem Conservation
Unity Church, Folsom and Valmont Rd., Boulder
Saturday, June 7, 9am - 5pm 
Event Speakers:
Jo Evans on Colorado Water Law
Allison Holloran on Threats and Conservation of Ecosystems
Gross Reservoir Dam panel: Water implications and FINAL day for Public Comments
Steve Grace book signing for “Dam Nation”
Phil Doe and Wes Wilson on Fracking Hazards on Water and Ecological Destruction
Amy Burke on the new Colorado Water Plan and Important Citizen Input
Libby Comeaux on Earth Jurisprudence, Community Rights and Water Discernment
Dale Ball on Food and Dietary choices affecting your Water Footprint

This Water Forum addresses current regional water issues that threaten or negatively impact the health and presence of local water resources, and especially the ecosystems that provide that water. Possible solutions and choices are presented as we reflect on what we can do as a community to assure the purity of the regional water supply, by respecting and protecting the viability of the natural ecosystems that provide the water upon which all life depends. The Rights of Nature approach is one effective way to prevent degradation, abuse and misuse of water. For more information: boulderrightsofnature.org.

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