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Ecological Farming Workshop & Keyline Design with Owen Hablutzel, 8/16-8/17/2014

From Jason Gerhardt of Real Earth Design: Boulder Keyline Design Course – August 16th &17th Learn the water-saving and soil-building process of keyline design from the leading practitioner of the subject in the US, Owen Hablutzel. This course is most applicable to land owners and farmers/ranchers, but will be of interest to all permaculture thinkersā€¦ Read More »

Integrated Ecological Design with Brad Lancaster & Eric Toensmeier, 7/25-8/3/2014

From Jason Gerhardt of Real Earth Design: Rainwater Harvesting and Edible Forest Gardens Workshop – July 25th-August 3rd Woodbine Ecology Center is once again hosting their excellent workshop series with world-renowned Brad Lancaster on Rainwater Harvesting and equally renowned Eric Toensmeier on Edible Forest Gardening, Carbon Farming, and a new vision for localized agriculture. Theseā€¦ Read More »