Sunday, 8/24: Wild Finds: Mushroom Foraging in the Rocky Mountains

By | August 23, 2014

From Boulder High Country Mushrooms:

Head into the Rockies with wild mushroom enthusiast Michael Heim this Sunday (8/24) for a mushroom foray and a walk in the woods. You’ll gain a firm handle on the foundations of mushroom identification as you locate a variety of medicinal and edible fungi growing in the wild. You’ll have a chance to discuss mushroom anatomy and learn the tools for contrasting mushrooms that may be poisonous with those that may inspire a dinner party. You’ll return with a better understanding of what it means to hunt for mushrooms – and hopefully some fungi to take home.

Please note, mother nature is a wild beast and we cannot guarantee the number or variety of the mushrooms we will find. Bring your positive attitude and your hiking apparel (i.e. long pants, hat, good footwear), as well as water/snacks and an awareness that we will be walking at elevation. All participants should come prepared for weather in the high country. Capacity is strictly limited and registration required. We will be meeting at the Nederland Visitor Center promptly at 9 am in order to figure out driving logistics and to have a brief discussion on what to expect for the day.

Space filling fast! Register for the event here.

2 thoughts on “Sunday, 8/24: Wild Finds: Mushroom Foraging in the Rocky Mountains

  1. paulgibson51

    We are members of the NM Mycological Society and are coming to Boulder on 9-4 thru 9-7 and realize it may be a week or so late for foraging. But if there were any locations where it would be possible to find boletus edulis, boletus barrows or Chanterelles. Can you suggest any trail heads or other identifiable locations where we might find these. Thanks.

    1. Michael Heim

      Hello Paul! Its not too late for any of it. We have had such a strange year and anything could happen. I would direct you to the Colorado Mycological Society’s Facebook page or forum. They are an amazing resource and I find lots of information on locales. I have not had as much luck this year with finding Boletus edulis in my normal spots but I will say that I have found more chanterelles than in years past. And it looks like we are starting to see the first flushes of Tricholoma magnivelare (aka the “White Matsutake” or pine mushroom). Mmm… Hope this helps. Finally, a shameless plug for the end of the month:


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