Permaculture Community Awards

By | June 28, 2014

From Jason Gerhardt and Permaculture Institute:

Permaculture Institute is rolling out the Permaculture Community Awards to encourage an atmosphere of professional excellence among Permaculture designers, educators, and community organizers in an effort to recognize and reward outstanding achievements of Permaculture Design.

Permaculture Community Awards invites colleagues to take care and time to honor each other for their great works, thereby fostering a broad-based Permaculture community. An annually rotating review panel of Permaculture Diploma holders, recognized experts in the field, and Permaculture students vote on the nominees. Five awards are issued each year, in a broad set of categories.

SHARE…this project with your Permaculture colleagues, students, and friends. We all have a stake in ensuring outstanding work is representing the Permaculture community.

NOMINATE…your colleagues, students, and friends who are doing exceptional work with Permaculture Design in their communities.

DECIDE…on the work that gets rewarded and recognized by inquiring to serve as a Permaculture Community Awards review panel member at awards[at]permaculture[dot]org

Thank you for all your efforts in contributing to a professional Permaculture community. This effort is for you, to reward and encourage exceptional Permaculture work!

About Permaculture Institute: Permaculture Institute is a federally recognized educational non-profit organization with mission to promote permaculture through education, demonstration and community building. Founded in 1996 by Scott Pittman and Bill Mollison, Permaculture Institute strives to uphold educational standards and professional excellence in the permaculture movement in the Northern and Southern Americas.

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