It’s Springtime in Springdale, UT

By | March 18, 2014

On our way out to Permaculture Voices, the crew was delighted to have an overnight in Rockville, UT.  Waking up to a gorgeous morning in Zion National Park… who could ask for anything more?  We saw many garden farms and small animal husbandry operations along the road into Springdale.  It’s springtime in Springdale, with all of the fragrant fruit trees in bloom.  The plants in Zion National Park were beautifully green.  The town was a hub of activity, with guiding operations preparing for the influx of springtime explorers, and baristas serving up lattes with their best rosettas to locals and visitors alike.

Springdale is in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 7b, a favorable microclimate nestled at the entrance to Zion, and a full month ahead of Boulder (Zone 5b) in spring growth.  Word on the street is, there are a few permaculture designers in the area, just getting started with small farming operations.  At this warm and happy stop, I felt even more excited for seed starting and observing spring growth in the upcoming weeks in Boulder.

Thanks to friend Toni from Zion Mountain School for showing us around!!

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