Aquaponics Tour De Tanks, Boulder, May 16 & 18

By | May 13, 2014

From Avery Ellis of Integrated Aquaponics and Colorado Greywater:

There will be a tour at my house to see my aquaponics systems in action, my geodesic dome, and other fun permaculture science toys and connections to be made. The tours at my house will be on May 16 @ 2pm & 4pm and May 18 @ 10am & 2pm. There are other local tours in the Boulder area from some of my past students. The attached flier is for the tours at my house only, and I created a registration page for people to get their free tickets at The event is organized by the Aquaponics Association and includes tours of aquaponics systems across the country. This google tour map shows where the tours will be hosted ( Hopefully you can make it to one of my tours and invite some friends! Also, feel free to share this flier with your network.

Tour De Tanks Flier 2014


An update from Avery on Colorado Greywater law:

The Colorado Greywater law is developing slowly but surely. We finally have the state plumbing board in the conversation and this Friday morning will be our first workgroup to include the plumbing board and the dept of public health at the same table. I will be there with a group of permies to represent simple systems and the need for the law to be inclusive of many possible solutions. Please let me know if you have interest in helping with the development of this law, as I could use all the help I can get. And stay tuned for more info in the coming months.

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